PEM studies, August 2019
Delayed Admissions to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Progression of Disease or Errors in Emergency Department Management
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
"Weighing CAM": A New Mobile Application for Weight Estimation in Pediatric Resuscitation
(Prehosp Emerg Care, abstract)
Characteristics and behavioral risk factors of firearm-exposed youth in an urban emergency department
(J Behav Med, abstract)
Does a computerized neuropsychological test predict prolonged recovery in concussed children presenting to the ED?
(Child Neuropsychol, abstract)
Heart Rate Variability and Acute Stress Among Novice Airway Managers
(AEM Educ Train, abstract)
Building Emergency Medicine Trainee Competency in Pediatric Musculoskeletal Radiograph Interpretation: A Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study
(AEM Educ Train, abstract)
Consensus Core Point-of-care Ultrasound Applications for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Training
(AEM Educ Train, abstract)
Optimal Predictor of Gonadal Viability in Testicular Torsion: Time to Treat Versus Duration of Symptoms
(J Surg Res, abstract)
Reevaluation of FAST Sensitivity in Pediatric Blunt Abdominal Trauma Patients: Should We Redefine the Qualitative Threshold for Significant Hemoperitoneum?
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
A Framework for Evaluation of the Higher-Risk Infant After a Brief Resolved Unexplained Event
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Pediatric resuscitation: Weight-based packed red blood cell volume is a reliable predictor of mortality
(J Trauma Acute Care Surg, abstract)
Outpatient Management of Headache after Pediatric Emergency Department Visit: Are we Missing Anything?
(Headache, abstract)
Using Quality Improvement to Implement a Standardized Approach to Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Serious Bacterial Infections in Neonates Presenting Afebrile With History of Fever
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Pediatric emergency department visit characteristics of the patients on the ketogenic diet
(Epilepsy Behav, abstract)
Characteristics and trends of traumatic injuries in children visiting emergency departments in South Korea: A retrospective serial cross-sectional study using both nationwide-sample and single-institutional data
(PLoS One, abstract)
The use and impact of professional interpretation in a pediatric emergency department
(Acad Pediatr, abstract)
Dose evaluation of intravenous metamizole (dipyrone) in infants and children: a prospective population pharmacokinetic study
(Eur J Clin Pharmacol, abstract)
Undifferentiated Abdominal Pain in Children Presenting to the Pediatric Emergency Department
(Clin Pediatr (Phila), abstract)
Points & Pearls: Pediatric pain management in the emergency department
(Pediatr Emerg Med Pract, abstract)
Variability in Hospital Admission Rates for Neonates With Fever in North Carolina
(Glob Pediatr Health, abstract)
Complications of Serious Pediatric Conditions in the Emergency Department: Definitions, Prevalence, and Resource Utilization
(J Pediatr, abstract)
Impact of balanced versus unbalanced fluid resuscitation on clinical outcomes in critically ill children: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis
(Syst Rev, abstract)
Unknown Use of End-tidal CO2 in Metabolic Emergencies in Pediatric Patients
(J Transl Int Med, abstract)
Factors and outcomes associated with paediatric emergency department arrival patterns through the day
(Paediatr Child Health, abstract)
Factors associated with difficult intravenous access in the pediatric emergency department
(J Vasc Access, abstract)
Acceptability of Adolescent Social and Behavioral Health Screening in the Emergency Department
(J Adolesc Health, abstract)
Safety of corticosteroids in young children with acute respiratory conditions: a systematic review and meta-analysis
(BMJ Open, abstract)
A National Patient Safety Curriculum in Pediatric Emergency Medicine
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Use of high-flow nasal cannula in infants with viral bronchiolitis outside pediatric intensive care units
(Eur J Pediatr, abstract)
Retention of Basic Neonatal Resuscitation Skills and Bag-Mask Ventilation in Pediatric Residents Using Just-in-Place Simulation of Varying Frequency and Intensity: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study
(Hosp Pediatr, abstract)
Epidemiology of paediatric trauma in Norway: a single-trauma centre observational study
(Int J Emerg Med, abstract)
Procedural sedation in children with autism spectrum disorders in the emergency department
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Safety and efficacy of midazolam nasal spray in the outpatient treatment of patients with seizure clusters: An open-label extension trial
(Epilepsia, abstract)
Lessons Learned from Implementing a Patient Prioritization Tool Designed with End-Users in a Pediatric Emergency Ward
(Stud Health Technol Inform, abstract)
Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy Duration in Young Infants With Bacteremic Urinary Tract Infections
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Treatment of Facial Dog Bite Injuries in the Emergency Department Compared to the Operating Room
(OTO Open, abstract)
Management of epidural hematomas in pediatric patients presenting with a GCS of 14 or better
(J Clin Neurosurg, abstract)
Pauses in Compressions during Pediatric CPR: Opportunities for Improving CPR Quality
(Resuscitation, abstract)
Subgaleal Hematoma Due to Hair Pulling: Review of the Literature
(Acta Paediatr, abstract)
Incidence of Pediatric Cannabis Exposure Among Children and Teenagers Aged 0 to 19 Years Before and After Medical Marijuana Legalization in Massachusetts
(JAMA Netw Open, abstract)
Prednisolone Versus Dexamethasone for Croup: a Randomized Controlled Trial
(Pediatrics, abstract)
A Discharge Vital Sign Documentation Improvement Initiative in the Pediatric Emergency Department
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Rate of Airway Intervention for Croup at a Tertiary Children's Hospital 2015-2016
(J Emerg Med, abstract)
High incidence of status epilepticus and ongoing seizures on arrival to the hospital due to high prevalence of febrile seizures in Izumo, Japan: A questionnaire-based study
(Brain Dev, abstract)
Optimal Combination of Compression Rate and Depth During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Functionally Favorable Survival
(JAMA Cardiol, abstract)
Knowledge, Awareness, and Attitudes Regarding Concussion Among Middle Schoolers
(Cureus, abstract)
Bayesian Approach to Predicting Acute Appendicitis Using Ultrasonographic and Clinical Variables in Children
(Healthc Inform Res, abstract)
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Point-of-Care Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Intussusception
(J Emerg Med, abstract)
Clinical emergency care research in low-income and middle-income countries: opportunities and challenges
(BMJ Glob Health, abstract)
Pediatric ear foreign body retrieval: A comparison across specialties
(Am J Otolaryngol, abstract)
Apneic Oxygenation for Pediatric Endotracheal Intubation: A Narrative Review
(J Pediatr Intensive Care, abstract)
Brief Resolved Unexplained Events: analysis of an Apparent Life Threatening Event database
(Acad Pediatr, abstract)
Fever Characteristics and Risk of Serious Bacterial Infection in Febrile Infants
(J Emerg Med, abstract)