PEM studies, August 2020
Combining Ultrasound with a Pediatric Appendicitis Score to Distinguish Complicated from Uncomplicated Appendicitis in a Pediatric Population
(Acta Inform Med, abstract)
Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Meningitis and Encephalitis-BioFire
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Prolonged In-hospital Time to Appendectomy is Associated With Increased Complicated Appendicitis in Children
(Ann Surg, abstract)
Intranasal ketamine for acute pain management in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Impact of Emergency Medicine Point-of-Care Ultrasound on Radiology Ultrasound Volumes in a Single Pediatric Emergency Department
(J Am Coll Radiol, abstract)
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Didactics and Simulation (PEMDAS): Serotonin Syndrome
(MedEdPORTAL, abstract)
A Blueprint for Pediatric Emergency Resource Reallocation During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An NYC Hospital Experience
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Characteristics of Acute Nystagmus in the Pediatric Emergency Department
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Evaluating Changes in Diagnostic Accuracy of Ultrasound for Appendicitis: Does Practice Make Perfect?
(J Emerg Med, abstract)
Association of triage hypothermia with in-hospital mortality among patients in the emergency department with suspected sepsis
(J Crit Care, abstract)
Points & Pearls: High-flow nasal cannula and noninvasive ventilation in pediatric emergency medicine
(Pediatr Emerg Med Pract, no abstract)
Diagnostic Accuracy of Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Intussusception in Children Presenting to the Emergency Department: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
(West J Emerg Med, abstract)
Pediatric trauma primary survey performance among surgical and non-surgical pediatric providers in a Brazilian trauma center
(Trauma Surg Acute Care Open, abstract)
Critical procedure performance in pediatric patients: Results from a national emergency medicine group
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Checking the basis of intraosseous access - Radiological study on tibial dimensions in the pediatric population
(Paediatr Anaesth, abstract)
Sedated ultrasound guided saline reduction (SUR) of ileocolic intussusception: 20 year experience
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Development and validation of a Paediatric Early Warning Score for use in the emergency department: a multicentre study
(Lancet Child Adolesc Health, abstract)
Abnormal Vital Sign Recognition and Provider Notification in the Pediatric Emergency Department
(J Pediatr Health Care, abstract)
Intramuscular Versus Buccal Midazolam for Pediatric Seizures: A Randomized Double-Blinded Trial
(Pediatr Neurol, abstract)
Lung Ultrasound in Children with COVID-19: Preliminary Findings
(Ultrasound Med Biol, abstract)
Single-Dose Nirsevimab for Prevention of RSV in Preterm Infants
(New Engl J Med, abstract)
Efficacy and safety profile of intravenous levetiracetam versus phenytoin in convulsive status epilepticus and acute repetitive seizures in children
(Epilepsy Behav, abstract)
Incidence of Meningococcal Disease Before and After Implementation of Quadrivalent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine in the United States
(JAMA Pediatr, abstract)
Evaluation of a clinical protocol using intranasal fentanyl for treatment of vaso-occlusive crisis in sickle cell patients in the emergency department
(Paediatr Child Health, abstract)
Serious Adverse Events in Pediatric Procedural Sedation Before and After the Implementation of a Pre-Sedation Checklist
(J Pain Res, abstract)
Pediatric Prehospital Airway Management by U.S. Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
(Mil Med, abstract)
Trends in Use of Advanced Imaging in Pediatric Emergency Departments, 2009-2018
(JAMA Pediatr, abstract)
Physician staffed emergency medical service for children: a retrospective population-based registry cohort study in Odense region, Southern Denmark
(BMJ Open, abstract)
Pediatric minor head trauma in Brazil and external validation of PECARN rules with a cost-effectiveness analysis
(Brain Injury, abstract)
Risk of Leukemia in Children With Peripheral Facial Palsy
(Ann Emerg Med, abstract)
The rates of hospital admissions and return visits to a rapidly growing pediatric emergency department as measures of quality of care
(Isr J Health Policy Res, abstract)
Association between physician-staffed helicopter versus ground emergency medical services and mortality for pediatric trauma patients: A retrospective nationwide cohort study
(BMJ Open, abstract)
Virtual reality for intravenous placement in the emergency department-a randomized controlled trial
(Eur J Pediatr, abstract)
Has COVID-19 Delayed the Diagnosis and Worsened the Presentation of Type 1 Diabetes in Children?
(Diabetes Care, abstract)
Association of Race and Ethnicity with Sedation Management in Pediatric Intensive Care
(Ann Am Thorac Soc, abstract)
Ketamine Use in Prehospital and Hospital Treatment of the Acute Trauma Patient: A Joint Position Statement
(Prehosp Emerg Care, abstract)
Reliance on Acute Care Settings for Health Care Utilization: A Comparison of Adolescents With Younger Children
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Presentation, Diagnostic Evaluation, Management, and Rates of Serious Bacterial Infection in Infants With Acute Dacryocystitis Presenting to the Emergency Department
(Pediatr Infect Dis J, abstract)
Isolated Low-Grade Solid Organ Injuries in Children Following Blunt Abdominal Trauma: Is It Time to Consider Discharge from the Emergency Department?
(J Trauma Acute Care Surg, abstract)
Point-of-Care Ultrasound to Assess Gastric Content in Pediatric Emergency Department Procedural Sedation Patients
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
The Impact of an Urban Scrapyard Fire on Respiratory-related Pediatric Emergency Department Visits
(J Occup Environ Med, abstract)
Fifteen-minute consultation: Point of care ultrasound in the management of paediatric shock
(Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed, abstract)
The landscape of paediatric in-hospital cardiac arrest in the United Kingdom National Cardiac Arrest Audit
(Resuscitation, abstract)
Interventions for escalation of therapy for acute exacerbations of asthma in children: an overview of Cochrane Reviews
(Cochrane Database Syst Rev, abstract)
Effect of combined pharmacological, behavioral, and physical interventions for procedural pain on salivary cortisol and neurobehavioral development in preterm infants: a randomized controlled trial (Pain, abstract)
Use of Simulation to Develop a COVID-19 Resuscitation Process in a Pediatric Emergency Department
(Am J Infect Control, abstract)
Intravenous magnesium sulphate in children with acute wheeze: a nationwide survey
(J Asthma, abstract)
Nonaccidental trauma in pediatric patients: evidence-based screening criteria for ophthalmologic examination
(J AAPOS, abstract)
Understanding the Process of Procedural Sedation for Orthopedic Injuries in the Pediatric Emergency Department
(J Paritent Exp, abstract)
Variation in CT use for paediatric head injuries across different types of emergency departments in Australia and New Zealand
(Emerg Med J, abstract)
Accuracy of PECARN rule for predicting serious bacterial infection in infants with fever without a source
(Arch Dis Child, abstract)
Characteristics of paediatric frequent presenters at emergency departments: A whole-of-population study
(J Paediatr Child Health, abstract)
Caring for deteriorating paediatric patients in the emergency department: A mixed method study
(Australas Emerg Care, abstract)
Variation in antibiotic prescription rates in febrile children presenting to emergency departments across Europe (MOFICHE): A multicentre observational study
(PLoS Med, abstract)
Risk of traumatic intracranial haemorrhage in children with bleeding disorders
(J Paediatr Child Health, abstract)
PANDEMIC: Presentation of non-Covid cases - Delay in emergencies in children
(J Paediatr Child Health, abstract)
Does location of rapid influenza diagnostic testing influence treatment time and ancillary testing in a paediatric emergency department?
(Emerg Med Australas, abstract)
Factors Associated with Non-Adherence in an Emergency Department Based Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial of a Probiotic in Children with Acute Gastroenteritis
(J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr, abstract)
Association of out of hospital paediatric early warning score with need for hospital admission in a Scottish emergency ambulance population
(Eur J Emerg Med, abstract)
Cardiac manifestations in SARS-CoV-2-associated multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children: a comprehensive review and proposed clinical approach
(Eur J Pediatr, abstract)
Asymptomatic Adolescent HIV: Identifying a Role for Universal HIV Screening in the Pediatric Emergency Department
(AIDS Patient Care STDS, abstract)
Oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs versus other oral analgesic agents for acute soft tissue injury
(Cochrane Database Syst Rev, abstract)
The Efficacy of a Brief Educational Training Session in Point-of-Care Pediatric Hip Ultrasound
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Machine Learning To Predict Serious Bacterial Infections in Young Febrile Infants
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Points & Pearls: Emergency care for transgender and gender-diverse children and adolescents
(Pediatr Emerg Med Pract, abstract)
Improving the Pediatric Procedural Experience: An Analysis of Pain, Anxiety, and Satisfaction
(J Patient Exp, abstract)
Characteristics of Febrile Children Admitted to the ICU Following an Unscheduled ED Revisit Within 72 h, a Case-Control Study
(Front Pediatr, abstract)
Clinical Prediction Rule for Distinguishing Bacterial From Aseptic Meningitis
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Scalp Staples Placed in a Pediatric Emergency Department: Feasibility and Benefits of Home Removal
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Intramuscular Midazolam for treatment of Status Epilepticus
(Expert Opin Pharmacother, abstract)
Abdominal angiography is associated with reduced in-hospital mortality among pediatric patients with blunt splenic and hepatic injury: A propensity-score-matching study from the national trauma registry in Japan
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Safety Planning Intervention for Adolescents: Provider Attitudes and Response to Training in the Emergency Services Setting
(Psychiatr Surv, abstract)
The impact of public health interventions on critical illness in the pediatric emergency department during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
(J Am Coll Emerg Physicians Open, abstract)
Influence of the coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov-2) pandemic on acute appendicitis
(An Pediatr (Engl Ed), abstract)
Impact of Rapid Influenza Molecular Testing on Management in Pediatric Acute Care Settings
(J Pediatr, abstract)
A Novel Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome During the COVID-19 Pandemic
(Pediatr Emerg Med, abstract)
Impact of COVID-19 on the Pattern of Access to a Pediatric Emergency Department in the Lombardy Region, Italy
(Pediatr Emerg Med, abstract)
Clinical characteristics of children and young people admitted to hospital with covid-19 in United Kingdom: prospective multicentre observational cohort study
(BMJ, full article)
Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Children Without Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019
(JAMA Pediatr, full article)