PEM studies, July 2010
Unnecessary Imaging, Not Hospital Distance, or Transportation Mode Impacts Delays in the Transfer of Injured Children
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Assessing Primary Care Physician's Beliefs and Attitudes of Asthma Exacerbation Treatment and Follow-Up
(Open Respir Med J, abstract)
Ultrasound findings in Plasmodium falciparum malaria: A pilot study
(Pediatr Crit Care Med, abstract)
Comparing errors in ED computer-assisted vs conventional pediatric drug dosing and administration
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Occult Pneumonia in Infants With High Fever Without Source: A Prospective Multicenter Study
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
A Simulation-Based Acute Care Curriculum for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Training Programs
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
"Traumatic Tap" Proportion in Pediatric Lumbar Puncture
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Pediatric Vasoocclusive Crisis and Weather Conditions
(J Emerg Med, abstract)
Disparities exist in the emergency department evaluation of pediatric chest pain
(Congenit Heart Dis, abstract)
Epidemiological review and proposed management of 'scaphoid' injury in children
(Eur J Emerg Med, abstract)
Acute cerebellar ataxia in childhood: initial approach in the emergency department
(Emerg Med J, abstract)
Nasal foreign bodies in children: kissing it better
(Emerg Med J, abstract)
Application of the CHALICE clinical prediction rule for intracranial injury in children outside the UK: impact on head CT rate
(Arch Dis Child, abstract)
Acyclovir Use in Sick Infants
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Accurate prediction of the needle depth required for successful lumbar puncture
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Period problems: disorders of menstruation in adolescents
(Arch Dis Child, abstract)
(Pediatr Infect Dis J, abstract)
Reduction in Gastroenteritis With the Use of Pentavalent Rotavirus Vaccine in a Primary Practice
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Barriers to Adoption of Evidence-Based Prehospital Airway Management Practices in California
(Prehosp Emerg Care, abstract)
Kids can't float: epidemiology of paediatric drowning and near-drowning in Singapore
(Singapore Med J, abstract)
Button batteries: the worst case scenario in nasal foreign bodies
(N Z Med J, abstract)
Humerus fractures in the pediatric population: an algorithm to identify abuse
(J Pediatr Orthop B, abstract)
Nontraumatic Coma in a Tertiary Pediatric Emergency Department in Egypt: Etiology and Outcome
(J Child Neurol, abstract)
Performance of the RAD-57 Pulse Co-Oximeter Compared With Standard Laboratory Carboxyhemoglobin Measurement
(Ann Emerg Med, abstract)
Do children with Glasgow 13/14 could be identified as mild traumatic brain injury?
(Arq Neuropsiquiatr, abstract)
Current use of intraosseous infusion in Danish emergency departments: a cross-sectional study
(Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med, abstract)
Cautious observation or blanket scanning? An investigation into paediatric attendances to an emergency department after head injury
(Injury, abstract)
Delayed presentation of anorectal malformations: the possible associated morbidity and mortality
(Pediatr Surg Int, abstract)
Measles-mumps-rubella-varicella combination vaccine and the risk of febrile seizures
(Pediatrics, full article)
Retropharyngeal and parapharyngeal abscess in children-Epidemiology, clinical features and treatment
(Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol, abstract)
"Booster" training: Evaluation of instructor-led bedside cardiopulmonary resuscitation skill training and automated corrective feedback to improve cardiopulmonary resuscitation compliance of Pediatric Basic Life Support providers during simulated cardiac arrest
(Pediatr Crit Care Med, abstract)
Optimizing Electroencephalographic Studies for Epilepsy Diagnosis in Children With New-Onset Seizures
(Arch Neurol, abstract)
Prospective evaluation of two clinical scores for acute asthma in children 18 months to 7 years of age
(Acad Emerg Med, abstract)
External validation of the clinical dehydration scale for children with acute gastroenteritis
(Acad Emerg Med, abstract)
Pain Management of Musculoskeletal Injuries in Children: Current State and Future Directions
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Management of suspected myocarditis during critical-care transport
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Alcohol interventions for trauma patients are not just for adults: justification for brief interventions for the injured adolescent at a pediatric trauma center
(J Trauma, abstract)
Trends in pediatric emergency department visits for food-induced anaphylaxis
(J Allergy Clin Immunol, abstract)
Decompressive laparotomy for abdominal compartment syndrome in children: before it is too late
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Physiologically focused triage criteria improve utilization of pediatric surgeon-directed trauma teams and reduce costs
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Management of traumatic occult pneumothorax
(Resuscitation, abstract)
Mid-arm circumference can be used to estimate children's weights
(Resuscitation, abstract)
Are paediatric residents able to deliver basic CPR procedures? Ventilation and chest compression rate
(Resuscitation, abstract)
Cardiac disease in pediatric patients presenting to a pediatric ED with chest pain
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Effect of delay in presentation on rate of perforation in children with appendicitis
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Parents' perspectives to childhood fever: Comparison of culturally diverse populations
(J Paediatr Child Health, abstract)
Can e-learning improve medical students' knowledge and competence in paediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation? A prospective before and after study
(Emerg Med Australas, abstract)
Pain reduction in children during port-à-cath catheter puncture using local anaesthesia with EMLA
(Eur J Pediatr, abstract)
Midazolam versus diazepam for the treatment of status epilepticus in children and young adults: a meta-analysis
(Acad Emerg Med, abstract)
Duration of Illness in Infants With Bronchiolitis Evaluated in the Emergency Department
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Alternatives to intravenous rehydration in dehydrated pediatric patients with difficult venous access
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Is it safe to discharge intussusception patients after successful hydrostatic reduction?
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Nonoperative management of blunt renal injury: a need for further study
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Nebulized Hypertonic 5%, 3%, and 0.9% Saline for Treating Acute Bronchiolitis in Infants
(J Pediatr, abstract)
Wandering spleen in children: multicenter retrospective study
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Prehospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the pediatric trauma patient
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Impact of procalcitonin on the management of children aged 1 to 36 months presenting with fever without source: a randomized controlled trial
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Is there a causal relationship between the hypoxia-ischaemia associated with cardiorespiratory arrest and subdural haematomas? An observational study
(Br J Radiol, abstract)
Sports-related dental injuries: knowledge of first aid and mouthguard use in a sample of Italian children and youngsters
(Eur J Paediatr Dent, abstract)
Epidemiology of paediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Melbourne, Australia
(Resuscitation, abstract)
Rebound in the incidence of pneumococcal meningitis in northern France: effect of serotype replacement
(Acta Paediatr, abstract)
Optimal timing for the administration of intranasal dexmedetomidine for premedication in children
(Anaesthesia, abstract)
Rapid treatment reduces hospitalization for pediatric patients with odontogenic-based cellulitis
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Progressive hair coil penile tourniquet syndrome: multicenter experience with 25 cases
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
The use of Ketofol for procedural sedation and analgesia in children with hematological diseases
(Pediatr Int, abstract)
Predictive factors of the duration of a first-attack acute urticaria in children
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Transillumination by light-emitting diode facilitates peripheral venous cannulations in infants and small children
(Acta Anaesthesiol Scand, abstract)