PEM studies, March 2011
A Survey of Emergency Department 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Surge Preparedness--Atlanta, Georgia, July-October 2009
(Clin Infect Dis, abstract)
Design, Implementation, and Psychometric Analysis of a Scoring Instrument for Simulated Pediatric Resuscitation: A Report from the EXPRESS Pediatric Investigators
(Simul Healthc, abstract)
High-Dose Remifentanil Suppresses Sinoatrial Conduction and Sinus Node Automaticity in Pediatric Patients Under Propofol-Based Anesthesia
(Anesth Analg, abstract)
Hypotonic versus isotonic maintenance fluids in critically ill children: a multicenter prospective randomised study
(Acta Paediatr, abstract)
Paediatric stroke: genetic insights into disease mechanisms and treatment targets
(Lancet Neurol, abstract)
Presentations of Infants to Emergency Departments in Alberta, Canada, for Bronchiolitis: A Large Population-Based Study
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Serious bacterial infections in hospitalized febrile infants aged 90 days or younger: The traditional combination of ampicillin and gentamicin is still appropriate
(Scand J Infect Dis, abstract)
The Role of Neuroimaging in Children and Adolescents With Recurrent Headaches - Multicenter Study
(Headache, abstract)
Prospective Validation of Two Systems of Classification for the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Alternative Rehydration Methods: A Systematic Review and Lessons for Resource-Limited Care
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Emergency Department Crowding Is Associated With Decreased Quality of Care for Children With Acute Asthma
(Ann Emerg Med, abstract)
Pharmaceutical poisoning exposure and outcome analysis in children admitted to the pediatric emergency department
(Pediatr Neonatol, abstract)
Changes in Platelet Count as a Predictive Tool in Sickle Cell Acute Vaso-Occlusive Crises: A Pediatric Study
(Clin Pediatr (Phila), abstract)
Air medical providers' physiological response to a simulated trauma scenario
(Air Med J, abstract)
Concentrated midazolam for intranasal administration: a pilot study
(Pediatr Emerg Care, no abstract)
Use of fixed 50% nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture for lumbar punctures in pediatric patients
(Pediatr Emerg Care, no abstract)
Ultrasound equipment for the pediatric emergency department: a review
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Successful resuscitation from cardiopulmonary arrest due to profound hypothermia using noninvasive techniques
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Impact of antibiotic therapy on laboratory analysis of parapneumonic pleural fluid in children
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Efficacy of Racemic Albuterol versus Levalbuterol Used as a Continuous Nebulization for the Treatment of Acute Asthma Exacerbations: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Clinical Trial
(J Asthma, abstract)
The comparison of the effects of dexmedetomidine and midazolam sedation on electroencephalography in pediatric patients with febrile convulsion
(Pediatr Anesth, abstract)
Reduced intubation rates for infants after introduction of high-flow nasal prong oxygen delivery
(Intensive Care Med, abstract)
Clinical Report. Fever and Antipyretic Use in Children
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Duration of resuscitation prior to rescue extracorporeal membrane oxygenation impacts outcome in children with heart disease
(Intensive Care Med, abstract)
Distraction, Exposure Therapy, Counterconditioning, and Topical Anesthetic for Acute Pain Management During Needle Sticks in Children With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
(Clin Pediatr (Phila), abstract)
Compartment syndrome of the forearm: a systematic review
(J Hand Surg Am, abstract)
Hair tourniquet management
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Autoresuscitation after pediatric cardiac arrest: is hyperventilation a cause?
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Visualizing Veins With Near-Infrared Light to Facilitate Blood Withdrawal in Children
(Clin Pediatr (Phila), abstract)
Perspective. Defining Safe Use of Anesthesia in Children
(NEJM, full article)
Management of Common Oncologic Emergencies
(Indian J Pediatr, abstract)
Current Issues in Pediatric Sports Concussion
(Clin Neuropsychol, abstract)
Intussusception: incidence and treatment-insights from the nationwide german surveillance
(J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr, abstract)
The impact of medical emergency teams on ICU admission rates, cardiopulmonary arrests and mortality in a regional hospital
(Resuscitation, abstract)
Novel target volume marked adult bag to deliver accurate tidal volume for paediatric and adolescent resuscitation
(Resuscitation, abstract)
Safety of the Manchester Triage System to identify less urgent patients in paediatric emergence care: a prospective observational study
(Arch Dis Child, abstract)
Exploring the pharmacokinetics of oral ketamine in children undergoing burns procedures
(Paediatr Anesthes, abstract)
Observational study of two oxygen saturation targets for discharge in bronchiolitis
(Arch Dis Child, abstract)
Blunt Splenic Trauma in Children: Are We Too Careful?
(Eur J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
How I treat acute chest syndrome in children with sickle cell disease
(Blood, abstract)
Serum procalcitonin as a diagnostic marker for neonatal sepsis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
(Intensive Care Med, abstract)
Diagnostic and therapeutic management for suspected neonatal herpes simplex virus infection
(J Clin Virol, abstract)
The pediatric athlete: younger athletes with sport-related concussion
(Clin Sports Med, abstract)
Resuscitation interventions in a tertiary level pediatric emergency department: implications for maintenance of skills
(CJEM, abstract)
Use of personal protective equipment in canadian pediatric emergency departments
(CJEM, abstract)
Coagulopathy After Isolated Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in Children
(J Trauma, abstract)
Functional and Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes After Pediatric Trauma
(J Trauma, abstract)
Disposition of Children With Burns in Emergency Departments in Île de France
(J Burn Care Res, abstract)
Is the temporal artery thermometer a reliable instrument for detecting fever in children?
(J Clin Nurs, abstract)
Prevalence of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes: A Pilot Study Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring
(J Pediatr, abstract)
Severe Vulvovaginitis as a Presenting Problem of Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescent Girls: A Case Series
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Intravenous fluid management for the acutely ill child
(Curr Opin Pediatr, abstract)
Abdominal Migraine: An Under-Diagnosed Cause of Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Children
(Curr Opin Pediatr, abstract)
Treatment outcomes of injured children at adult level 1 trauma centers: are there benefits from added specialized care?
(Am J Surg, abstract)
Recognizing Hypoglycemia in Children Through Automated Adverse-Event Detection
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Revised ultrasound criteria for appendicitis in children improve diagnostic accuracy
(Pediatr Radiol, abstract)
Prevention of pain on injection of propofol: systematic review and meta-analysis
(BMJ, full article)
Hydrocortisone Therapy for Patients With Multiple Trauma
(JAMA, abstract)