PEM studies, November 2005
Characteristics of Pediatric Traumatic Amputations Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments: United States, 1990–2002
(Pediatrics, full article)
Do Pacifiers Reduce the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? A Meta-analysis
(Pediatrics, full article)
Cost and Utilization Analysis of a Pediatric Emergency Department Diversion Project
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Helium/Oxygen-Driven Albuterol Nebulization in the Treatment of Children With Moderate to Severe Asthma Exacerbations: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
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Administration of Epinephrine for Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions in School Settings
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Rectal Diazepam Gel in the Home Management of Seizures in Children
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Traumatic atlanto-occipital dislocation in children
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Acute effect of nebulized budesonide in asthmatic children
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Discitis in toddlers: A case series and review
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Spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormalities
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Pediatric health screening and referral in the ED
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Pediatric health screening and referral in the ED
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Non-urgent presentations to a paediatric emergency department: Parental behaviours, expectations and outcomes
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Dog bites in Canadian children: a five-year review of severity and emergency department management
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Pediatric defibrillation doses often fail to terminate prolonged out-of-hospital ventricular fibrillation in children
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Antibiotic Treatment of Children With Sore Throat
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Management of Influenza Symptoms in Healthy Children
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Pediatric facial fractures: recent advances in prevention, diagnosis and management
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Combined high cervical spine and brain stem injuries: a complex and devastating injury in children
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Pharmacologic management of convulsive status epilepticus in childhood
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Pediatric foreign bodies and their management
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Acute Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Child Occupants and Their Parent Drivers After Crash Involvement
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Influence of definition and location of hypotension on outcome following severe pediatric traumatic brain injury
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Pediatric features of an influenza A seasonal outbreak and its burden in pediatric emergency rooms and pediatric departments
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S-ketamine and s-norketamine plasma concentrations after nasal and i.v. administration in anesthetized children
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Response to bronchodilator in infants with bronchiolitis can be predicted from wheeze characteristics
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Halothane, an effective infrequently used drug, in the treatment of pediatric status asthmaticus: a case report
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Ultrasonography-Guided Peripheral Intravenous Access Versus Traditional Approaches in Patients With Difficult Intravenous Access
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Pediatric Intravenous Insertion in the Emergency Department: Bevel Up or Bevel Down?
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Child Life Intervention During Angiocatheter Insertion in the Pediatric Emergency Department
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Emergency Department Pediatric All-terrain Vehicle Injuries in West Central Illinois
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Pediatric Emergencies on a US-Based Commercial Airline
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A Randomized Controlled Trial of Sport Helmet Interventions in a Pediatric Emergency Department
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Preprocedural Fasting State and Adverse Events in Children Receiving Nitrous Oxide for Procedural Sedation and Analgesia
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Can the height of fall predict long bone fracture in children under 24 months?
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The effect of nebulized budesonide treatment in children with mild to moderate exacerbations of asthma
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A Clinical Pathway for Bronchiolitis is Effective in Reducing Readmission Rates
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Does Bronchodilator Responsiveness in Infants with Bronchiolitis Depend on Age?
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Aerosol Delivery in Respiratory Syncytial Virus Bronchiolitis: Hood or Face Mask?
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Clinical and Laboratory Observation. Feasibility of and Delay in Obtaining Pulse Oximetry during Neonatal Resuscitation
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Intracranial epidural hematoma in newborn infants: clinical study of 15 cases
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Family Member Presence for Procedures: The Resident's Perspective
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Prehospital assessment and management of the seriously injured child
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Opportunistic screening for iron-deficiency in 6-36 month old children presenting to the paediatric emergency department
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Early posttraumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage due to dissecting aneurysms in three children
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Clinical review. Treatment of bites by adders and exotic venomous snakes
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Should parents accompany critically ill children during inter-hospital transport?
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Anoxic-epileptic seizures: observational study of epileptic seizures induced by syncopes
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Hospital planning for acts of terrorism and other public health emergencies involving children
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Are the Ottawa ankle rules helpful in ruling out the need for x ray examination in children?
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