PEM studies, November 2007
Effects of Corticosteroid on Henoch-Schönlein Purpura: A Systematic Review
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Outcome of convulsive status epilepticus: a review
(Arch Dis Child, first 150 words)
Pertussis requiring intensive care
(Arch Dis Child, abstract)
Outcome for children with cyclical vomiting syndrome
(Arch Dis Child, abstract)
Should critically ill patients be routinely transfused to a normal haemoglobin level?
(Arch Dis Child, first 150 words)
Barriers to Metered-dose Inhaler/spacer Use in Canadian Pediatric Emergency Departments: A National Survey
(Acad Emerg Med, abstract)
Rapid Fluid Resuscitation in Pediatrics: Testing the American College of Critical Care Medicine Guideline
(Ann Emerg Med, abstract)
Ventricular Fibrillation and the Use of Automated External Defibrillators on Children
(Pediatrics, full article)
Initial Validation of a Numeric Zero to Ten Scale to Measure Children's State Anxiety
(Anesth Analg, abstract)
Atopic characteristics of wheezing children and responses to prednisolone
(Pediatr Pulmonol, abstract)
Hypotonic Versus Isotonic Maintenance Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Hospitalized Children: A Systematic Review
(Clin Pediatr (Phila), abstract)
Bridging the Gap between Clinical Research and Knowledge Translation in Pediatric Emergency Medicine
(Acad Emerg Med, full article)
Parental weight estimation of their child’s weight is more accurate than other weight estimation methods for determining children’s weight in an emergency department?
(Emerg Med J, abstract)
Post-traumatic cortical cysts in paediatric fractures: is it a concern for emergency doctors?: A report of three cases
(Eur J Emerg Med, abstract)
Differential diagnosis between viral and bacterial meningitis in children
(Eur J Emerg Med, abstract)
Hypoalbuminemia in Critically Ill Children
(Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, abstract)
Seminar. Sudden infant death syndrome
(Lancet, abstract)
Recurrent croup presentation, diagnosis, and management
(Am J Otolaryngol, abstract)
Clinical qualitative evaluation of the diagnosis of acute otitis media in general practice
(Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol, abstract)
Intentional use of intra-arterial medications when venous access is not available
(Paediatr Anaesth, abstract)
Factors Associated With a Six-Month Return to Emergency Services Among Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Patients
(Psychiatr Serv, abstract)
Violence Prediction in the Emergency Department
(J Emerg Med, abstract)
Effect of Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics (EMLA) for Pain Relief During Suprapubic Aspiration in Young Infants: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
(Clin J Pain, abstract)
‘Red as a beet and blind as a bat’ Anticholinergic delirium in adolescents: Lessons for the paediatrician
(J Paediatr Child Health, abstract)
Bee swarmings in children
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Thoracolumbar Spinal Trauma in Children
(Neurosurg Clin N Am, abstract)
Plasma arginine and citrulline concentrations in critically ill children: strong relation with inflammation
(Am J Clin Nutr, abstract)
Evaluation of Doppler USG and CSF Flow Wave Patterns in the Diagnosis of Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Obstructions
(Pediatr Neurosurg, abstract)
Jefferson Fracture in a Child - Illustrative Case Report
(Pediatr Neurosurg, abstract)
A Chitinase-like Protein in the Lung and Circulation of Patients with Severe Asthma
(NEJM, abstract)
Clinical review. Acute Bronchiloitis
(BMJ, extract)
Resident Exposure to Critical Patients in a Pediatric Emergency Department
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Pediatric Mastoiditis in the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Era: Symptom Duration Guides Empiric Antimicrobial Therapy
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Test Characteristics of the 3-View Abdominal Radiograph Series in the Diagnosis of Intussusception
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Welcome to the World: Findings From an Emergency Medical Services Pediatric Injury Prevention Program
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Simulated Pediatric Trauma Team Management: Assessment of an Educational Intervention
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Management of Cellulitis in a Pediatric Emergency Department
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Complications of Suprapubic Aspiration in Transiently Neutropenic Children
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
What Are You Waiting For? A Study of Resident Physician-Parent Communication in a Pediatric Emergency Department
(Ann Emerg Med, abstract)
Health-Seeking Behaviors and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Adolescents Attending An Urban Pediatric Emergency Department
(Compr Ther, abstract)
Fast track: Has it changed patient care in the emergency department?
(Emerg Med Austral, abstract)
Comparing different patterns for managing febrile children in the ED between emergency and pediatric physicians: impact on patient outcome
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Necrotizing fasciitis in children: diagnostic and therapeutic aspects
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Severe head injury among children: computed tomography evaluation as a prognostic factor
(J Pediatr Surg, abstract)
Improvements in the outcome of children with meningococcal disease
(Crit Care, abstract)
Increased risk of death associated with hypotension is not altered by the presence of brain injury in pediatric trauma patients
(Am J Surg, abstract)
The Role of Oral Ondansetron in Children With Vomiting as a Result of Acute Gastritis/Gastroenteritis Who Have Failed Oral Rehydration Therapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial
(Ann Emerg Med, abstract)
Emergency Department Children Are Not as Sick as Adults: Implications for Critical Care Skills Retention in an Exclusively Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice
(J Emerg Med, abstract)
Make your Best Guess: An updated method for paediatric weight estimation in emergencies
(Emerg Med Austral, abstract)
Best Guess method for age-based weight estimation in paediatric emergencies: Validation and comparison with current methods
(Emerg Med Austral, abstract)
External validation of the Best Guess formulae for paediatric weight estimation
(Emerg Med Austral, abstract)
Effect of a Rapid Response Team on Hospital-wide Mortality and Code Rates Outside the ICU in a Children’s Hospital
(JAMA, abstract)
Intravenous and nebulised magnesium sulphate for acute asthma: systematic review and meta-analysis
(Emerg Med J, full article)
Child protection procedures in emergency departments
(Emerg Med J, abstract)