PEM studies, October 2018
Australian Clinical Consensus Guideline: The diagnosis and acute management of childhood stroke
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Emergency Department Presentations and Youth Suicide: A Case-Control Study
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Fishing-Related Injuries Among Pediatric Patients Treated in United States Emergency Departments, 1997 to 2016
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Consensus-Based Criterion Standard for the Identification of Pediatric Patients who Need EMS Transport to a Hospital with Higher-Level Pediatric Resources
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Development and Pilot Testing of a Computerized Asthma Kiosk to Initiate Chronic Asthma Care in a Pediatric Emergency Department
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Assessment of proadrenomedullin as diagnostic or prognostic biomarker of acute appendicitis in children with acute abdominal pain
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Waterfalls and Handoffs: A Novel Physician Staffing Model to Decrease Handoffs in a Pediatric Emergency Department
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Emergency Department Visits by Children With Congenital Heart Disease
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A Quality Improvement Bundle Including Pay for Performance for the Standardization of Order Set Use in Moderate Asthma
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Prehospital Analgesic Administration by Parents for Pain Relief in Children
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Missed Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis in Patients With Pediatric Urticaria in Emergency Department
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Management of Wheezy Preschoolers in the Emergency Department: A Discrete Choice Experiment
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A Time-and-Motion Study of Clinical Trial Eligibility Screening in a Pediatric Emergency Department
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Factors Associated With First Medication Time for Children Treated in the Emergency Department for Asthma
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Points & Pearls: Diagnosing and managing common genital emergencies in pediatric girls
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Natural History of Isolated Skull Fractures in Children
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Hospital-Acquired Hyponatremia in Children Following Hypotonic versus Isotonic Intravenous Fluids Infusion
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Adherence to APSA activity restriction guidelines and 60-day clinical outcomes for pediatric blunt liver and splenic injuries (BLSI)
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Shock Index-A Useful Noninvasive Marker Associated With Age-Specific Early Mortality in Children With Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Age-Specific Shock Index Cut-Offs
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Treatment of pain with intranasal fentanyl in pediatric patients in an acute care setting: a systematic review
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Hypertensive crisis in children and adolescents
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Primary Care and Emergency Department Management of the Patient With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
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Opioid Prescribing Practices for Pediatric Headache
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Pediatric sternal fractures from a Level 1 trauma center
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Predictors of abnormal electrocardiograms in the pediatric emergency department
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The burden of pediatric status epilepticus: Epidemiology, morbidity, mortality, and costs
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Factors associated with satisfaction with pediatric emergency department services in Korea: analysis of Korea Health Panel Data 2010 to 2012
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Use of epinephrine in emergency department depends on anaphylaxis severity in children
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Atraumatic Transition from a Pediatric Emergency Center to a Pediatric Trauma Center: A Fight for Better Outcomes
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Hurricane Irma Impact on the Inpatient Population at a Tertiary Children's Hospital in Florida
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Minding the Gap: A Qualitative Study of Provider Experience to Optimize Care for Critically Ill Children in General Emergency Departments
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Parental characteristics and perspectives pertaining to neonatal visits to the emergency department: a multicentre survey
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Emergency Department Visits Owing to Intentional and Unintentional Traumatic Brain Injury among Infants in the United States: A Population-Based Assessment
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Deliberate self-harm in young people: attendance at a paediatric emergency department
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Defining significant childhood illness and injury in the Emergency Department: a consensus of UK and Ireland expert opinion
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Causes and characteristics of injury in paediatric major trauma and trends over time
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Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Children: Is Colonoscopy Indicated?
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Prevalence of Parent-Reported Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Associated Health Conditions
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Infant and Youth Mortality Trends by Race/Ethnicity and Cause of Death in the United States
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Pediatric telemedicine use in U.S. emergency departments
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The Prevalence of Rib Fractures Incidentally Identified by Chest Radiograph among Infants and Toddlers
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Factors Associated with Adverse Outcomes among Febrile Young Infants with Invasive Bacterial Infections
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Analysis of eye-tracking behaviours in a pediatric trauma simulation
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Estimating Risk of Pneumonia in a Prospective Emergency Department Cohort
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Nebulized Tranexamic Acid Use for Pediatric Secondary Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage
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Respiratory emergency department use from diagnosis through survivorship in children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer
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Diagnostic yield of head CT in pediatric emergency department patients with acute psychosis or hallucinations
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Risk of Serious Bacterial Infection in Infants Aged ≤60 Days Presenting to Emergency Departments with a History of Fever Only
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Use of Head Computed Tomography (CT) in the Pediatric Emergency Department in Evaluation of Children With New-Onset Afebrile Seizure
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Emergency Department Directors Are Willing to Expand Reproductive Health Services for Adolescents
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2018 Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference: A Workforce Development Research Agenda for Pediatric Care in the Emergency Department
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Attitudes and Opinions of Adolescent Females Regarding 2 Methods of Bladder Filling for Transabdominal Ultrasound: A Q-Sort Study
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Seizures, Meds, and Vtach: A Journey to a Brugada Diagnosis
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Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Soluble Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor as Novel Biomarkers for Poor Outcomes in Children With Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock
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Practice Pattern Variation in Test Ordering for Low-Acuity Pediatric Emergency Department Patients
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Translating Sepsis-3 Criteria in Children: Prognostic Accuracy of Age-Adjusted Quick SOFA Score in Children Visiting the Emergency Department With Suspected Bacterial Infection
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Preferred learning modalities and practice for critical skills: a global survey of paediatric emergency medicine clinicians
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Is Shunt Evaluation Useful in Children With Intraventricular Shunts With Seizures?
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Impact of simulation-based training on perceived provider confidence in acute multidisciplinary pediatric trauma resuscitation
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Analysis of HIV testing refusal among patients aged less than 21 years in the Pediatric Emergency Department
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Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms After Injury
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Pediatric Emergency Department Visits for Homelessness After Shelter Eligibility Policy Change
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Prehospital Blood Transfusions in Pediatric Patients by a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
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Impact of a simulation-based training in hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand rub in emergency departments
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In-Hospital Pediatric Stroke Alert Activation
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Procedural pain in children: a qualitative study of caregiver experiences and information needs
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Risk Factors for Avoidable Transfer to a Pediatric Trauma Center Among Patients Age Two Years and Older
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Grassroots intervention to increase appointment of Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators in Massachusetts emergency departments
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Long-term mortality in pediatric firearm assault survivors: a multi-center, retrospective, comparative cohort study
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Emergency department discharge following successful radiologic reduction of ileocolic intussusception in children: A protocol based prospective observational study
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Paediatric early warning scores are predictors of adverse outcome in the pre-hospital setting: A national cohort study
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"Should I stay or Should I go": patient who leave Emergency Department of an Italian Third-Level Teaching Hospital
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The clinical value of plasma hepcidin levels in predicting bacterial infections in febrile children
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External validation of the Scandinavian guidelines for management of minimal, mild and moderate head injuries in children
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Age, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Factors Impacting Infant and Toddler Fall-Related Trauma
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Severely Altered-Consciousness Status and Profuse Vomiting in Infants: Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), a Challenging Diagnosis
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Etiology and Outcome of Severe Apparent Life-Threatening Events in Infants
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Diagnosing acute otitis media using a smartphone otoscope; a randomized controlled trial
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Treatment of Acute Seymour Fractures
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Pediatric bacterial meningitis: an update on early identification and management
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Management of After-Hours Pediatric Dental Emergencies Among Pediatric and General Dentists
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A Research Agenda to Advance Pediatric Emergency Care Through Enhanced Collaboration Across Emergency Departments
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Clinical Risk Factors for Revisits for Children With Community-Acquired Pneumonia
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Pediatric Medication Safety in the Emergency Department
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Do Parents of Discharged Pediatric Emergency Department Patients Read Discharge Instructions?
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Symptomatic Management of Febrile Illnesses in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Parents' Knowledge and Behaviors and Their Evolution Over Time
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Epidemiology of Hyperbilirubinemia in a Quaternary Pediatric Emergency Department over a Three-Year Period
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Pediatric Dehydration Assessment at Triage: Prospective Study on Refilling Time
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The Diagnostic Value of Irisin in Pediatric Patients with Acute Abdominal Pain
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The role of abdominal ultrasound in the management of excessive crying in infants
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A Modern Epidemic: Increasing Pediatric Emergency Department Visits and Admissions for Headache
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Multicenter Analysis of Transport Destinations For Pediatric Prehospital Patients
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Detection of Traumatic Pediatric Elbow Joint Effusion Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
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