PEM studies, December 2000
Fomepizole treatment for Ethylene Glycol poisoning in an infant  (Pediatrics, abstract)
Do obese inner-city children with asthma have more symptoms than nonobese children with asthma   (Pediatrics, abstract)
Pediatric office emergencies and emergency preparedness in a small rural state  (Pediatrics, abstract)
Outpatient treatment of moderate Croup with Dexamethasone: IM versus oral dosing  (Pediatrics, abstract)
The management of fever and petechiae: making sense of rash decisions (Arch. Dis. Child., abstract)
Management of fever without source in infants and children- review (Ann. of Em. Med., abstract)
Does Midazolam alter the clinical effects of IV Ketamine sedation in children? a double blind, randomized, controlled,  ED-trial (Ann. of Em. Med., abstract)
A randomized trial of Magnesium in the ED treatment of children with asthma (Ann. of Em. Med., abstract)
Sport-related injuries in children  (Acad Emerg Med, abstract)
A comparison of Succinylcholine and Rocuronium for Rapid-Sequence Intubation of ED patients  (Acad Emerg Med, abstract)
The natural history of peanut allergy in young children and its association with serum peanut specific IgE (J. pediatrics, abstract)
Predictive factors for short-term symptom persistence in children after Emergency Department evaluation for constipation  (Arch. Ped. Adolesc. Med, abstract)