PEM studies, June 2001
Status asthmaticus in children. A review (Chest, abstract)
Efficacy and safety of Nitrous Oxide in alleviating pain and anxiety during painful procedures  (Arch. Dis. Child, abstract)
Symptomatic Rickets in adolescents  (Arch. Dis. Child, abstract)
Intussusception among recipients of Rota virus vaccine: reports to the vaccine adverse event reporting system (Pediatrics, full)
Vocal cord paralysis secondary to esophageal foreign bodies in young children
(Pediatrics, full)
Fever phobia revisited: have parental misconceptions about fever changed over the
last twenty years?  (Pediatrics, abstract)
Seeing is believing: what do boys do when they find a real gun? (Pediatrics, abstract)
Short-term outcomes after acute treatment of pediatric asthma (Pediatrics, abstract)
Hospital trauma care in multiple-casualty incidents: a critical view (Ann. of Em. Med, abstract)
Explosions and blast injuries (Ann. of Em. Med, abstract)
Acute diaphragmatic paralysis caused by chest-tube trauma to phrenic nerve
(Ped Radiol, abstract)
Diagnostic and interventional ultrasonography in neonatal and infant lumbar puncture
(Ped Radiol, abstract)
Activity related knee injuries and pain in athletic adolescents  (Knee Surg Sp Tr Arth,  abstract)
The prone sleeping position impairs arousability in term infants (J. Pediatrics, abstract)
Effect of jaw-thrust and continuous positive airway pressure on tidal breathing in deeply sedated infants (J. Pediatrics, abstract)
Efficacy of Fluticasone nasal spray for Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea
(J. Pediatrics, abstract)
Antibiotics for the prevention of urinary tract infection in children: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials (J. Pediatrics, abstract)
The relation between hyperventilation and Pediatric syncope (J. Pediatrics, abstract)
Are all wheezing disorders in very young (preschool) children increasing in prevalence?
(Lancet, full, log in)
A rendomized comparison of Helium Oxygen mixture (Heliox) and racemic Epinephrine for the treatment of moderate to severe croup (Pediatrics, abstract)
High prevalence of coronary Atherosclerosis in asymptomatic teenagers and young adults (Circulation, abstract)
Do doctors position Defibrillation paddles correcrtly? Observational study (BMJ, full)
Pharmacological management of pain and anxiety during emergency procedures in children (Paediatr drugs, abstract)
Can asthma education improve clinical outcomes? An evaluation of a Pediatric asthma education program (J Asthma, abstract)
Unique presentation of a bronchial foreign body in an asymptomatic child (Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol, abstract)
Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in a child without overt cardiac disease: emergency department management (Resuscitation, abstract)
Effects of Pediatric emergency department febrile infant protocol on time to antibiotic therapy (1) (J Emerg Med, abstract)
International study of emergency department care for Pediatric traumatic brain injury and the role of CT scanning (Childs Nerv Syst, abstract)
Dental concerns unrelated to trauma in the Pediatric Emergency Department
(Arch. Ped. Adolesc. Med, abstract)
Children rate flavoring agents used with activated charcoal (Arch. Ped. Adolesc. Med, abstract)
Use of intravenous Methohexital as a sedative in Pediatric Emergency Departments
(Arch. Ped. Adolesc. Med, abstract)
Fluid resuscitation in infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (Acta Paediatr, abstract)
Hospital preparedness for victims of chemical or biological terrorism
(Am Pub Health Asso, abstract)
Acute idiopathic scrotal edema:four cases and a short review (Eur J Ped, no abstract)
Hospital Vs home management of children with buckle fractures of the distal radius. A prospective randomised trial (J Bone Joint Surg Br, abstract)
Cerebral resuscitation after traumatic brain injury and cardiopulmonary arrest in infants and children in the new millenium (Pediatr Clin North Am, abstract)
Status Epilepticus (Pediatr Clin North Am, abstract)
Manifestations of the shaken baby syndrome (Curr Opin Ophthalmol, abstract)
Circadian differences among 4,096 Emergency Department patients  with acute asthma
(Crit Care Med, abstract)